Manual Lymph Drainage

My Manual Lymph Drainage is an advanced treatment. It is powerfully cleansing, relaxing and pain-relieving, with great immunological effects on the body.

As a result, the lymph channels are stimulated, which boosts the flow of lymph and drains excess fluid from the body.

This treatment uses specialised gentle rhythmic pumping techniques, to help manually pump the lymphatic system. You can expect light, gentle pressure, flowing in a rhythmic way. It's super relaxing!

Lymphatic tissue is a type of connective tissue characterised by large numbers of lymphocytes.

Think of the lymphatic system as the clean-up operation, it collects and filters excess fluid, it is manually pumped towards your lymph nodes. If you are always run down with a cold, suffer from headaches, are tired, have excess fluid on your arms or legs, carry a little extra weight, suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, or just want to give your immune system a boost, then this massage will beneficial for you.

The sequence of MLD can be used on specific areas or as a whole-body treatment and is used primarily to promote the function of the lymphatic vessels that lead to the circulatory system. It helps to facilitate the removal of metabolic waste products, excess water, toxins, bacteria, proteins and foreign substances from the tissue.

This is particularly good for clients with lymphedema, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, low immune system and bloated tummy, helping with weight loss and post-operations, too.

A full body lymph drainage treatment is required on the first treatment before specialising in a targeted area. A treatment plan will be advised as well as home massage techniques taught.

Key features -

  • Advanced treatment.
  • Powerful cleansing and relaxing treatment.
  • Uses gentle rhythmic pumping techniques.
  • Manually pumps and stimulates the lymphatic system.
  • Full body treatment followed by targeted follow-up sessions.
  • Includes a treatment plan and home massage techniques.

Ideal for -

  • Pain-relief.
  • Immunological effects.
  • Boosting lymph flow.
  • Draining excess fluid.
  • Beneficial for lymphedema, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, low immune system and bloating.
  • Supporting weight loss.
  • Post-op recovery.

Pricing - Manual Lymph Drainage

First Visit

First visit full body treatment & consultation | 120 mins | £120


Follow-up full body treatment | 90 mins | £115

Follow-up treatment - 2 specified areas | 60 mins | £80

Follow-up treatment - 1 specified area | 30 mins | £45


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  • Jo - Facebook review

    After having quite a big operation in March, I needed to get some Lymphatic Drainage treatments to help with the swelling. I found Laura and have never looked back. She has helped me, encouraged me and taught me so much without even realising. I also have back problems, so she’s now helping me with that too. She is such a lovely lady and puts you at ease as soon as you walk in the door, she goes above and beyond to help you, and I look forward to my treatments each week, and also look forward to seeing Laura. I would always recommend Laura without any hesitation. Thank you.