About Me


I'm Laura, a mum of three, and I absolutely adore essential oils and the benefits they can provide.

I chose to come into holistic therapy to help people.

From an early age, I knew I wanted to make people feel better but was unsure just what avenue that might take. (I actually had my heart set on being a paediatric nurse when I was younger, until my head of Sixth Form told me I wasn't clever enough!). So very quickly I had to think of something else.


My journey was not as straightforward as it may seem. I went to Leicester College, trained as a beauty therapist and worked in a salon.

Again, I knew this wasn't the right path, so I decided to stay at college and go into holistic therapy instead.

As soon as I had my first day, I knew this was the way I wanted to help people.

But first, I thought it best to broaden my experience. So I travelled around the world a few times, saved to buy a house, and got married.

While travelling, I got to experience different massages from around the world in different cultures, which has helped to inspire me enormously at Essentially Blended.

When back home, I still loved to use essential oils around the house, and when my youngest went to school, I felt it was then time to focus on my own career.


So I re-took my Anatomy and Physiology Diploma, went on to do my Advanced Aromatherapy Diploma, and to further my studies, I went on to my Clinical Aromatherapy Diploma, too.

It's amazing how essential oils can help with many different symptoms. From anxiety and depression to frozen shoulders and back pain, and to pair that with massage, they just go hand in hand.

I love my clinical consultations and feel this is what sets me apart from other massage therapists.


I have many different techniques, and from the information given, each massage is tailored exactly to what's needed, combined with a bespoke blend of essential massage oils.

So you get the best results and a truly bespoke treatment!


From working in the industry, two things I am really passionate about are massage, especially manual lymphatic drainage, and the use of essential oils.

I would love to be known as THE massage therapist to go to - whether that's for the ultimate relaxation, to work deeply on muscular knots or to have a lymphatic treatment.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Laura x

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