Deep Tissue Massage

My Deep Tissue Massage is a powerful and rhythmic massage that will help to alleviate tired, tight, stiff and achy muscles.

I combine this with using a customised muscular essential oil blend to use in treatment, for you to take home and continue using between visits.

This can be used as an all-over body massage, or to target specific areas, a treatment plan may be advised.

* Please note that this treatment will work deep into the muscle, therefore discomfort may occur both during and after the treatment. In some cases, a temporary mark or bruise may be left.

Key features -

  • Powerful & rhythmic massage.
  • Bespoke blend of muscular essential oils tailored to you.
  • Works deep into the muscle tissue.
  • All over body massage or targeted area programme.

Ideal for -

  • Alleviating tired, tight, stiff and aching muscles.
  • Soft, nourished skin.
  • Feeling rebalanced and rejuvenated.
  • Restoring equilibrium.

Pricing - Deep Tissue Massage

First Visit

First visit & consultation | 120 mins | £75


Follow-up Full Body Massage | 90 mins | £65

Further Sessions

Further Deep Tissue Massage | 60 mins | £60

Further Deep Tissue Massage | 45 mins | £45


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  • Aimee - Facebook review

    I had my first massage with Laura last week. Laura was really attentive and got to know me and about my lifestyle before tailoring a massage that would be suitable. Laura did some tests on me pre massage to work out where the tension sat and from there discussed what she planned to do to help me with it. I love the little things that really help you to relax, like Laura putting a bowl of water under the bed with essential oils in, so I could relax from the moment I laid down. Laura also provided me with my own special blend of oil to use when I felt tense at any point after the massage in the days to come. The massage was lovely, I really felt my needs were listened to and the atmosphere was just bliss. I have already booked in for my next massage and look forward to seeing the girls all again in February. It's wonderful finding a place you really love that is only a 5min drive from your home. Thank you Laura, see you soon xx