Aroma Back Massage

Our spine is central to our wellbeing!

Concentrating solely on your back allows different levels of pressure points.

Using a combination of bespoke essential oils, using a de-stressing massage to melt that tension away. My Aroma Back Massage increases the release and dispersal of toxins and increases blood circulation, bringing more nutrients to the muscles and skin.

This can be a soothing, calming massage or a rejuvenated and revitalised massage depending on your needs.

Key features -

  • Massage focusing on the back.
  • Pressure point relief.
  • Skin brushing.
  • Bespoke blend of essential oils tailored to you.
  • Soothing or revitalising treatment for the back.
  • Releases & disperses toxins.

Ideal for -

  • Targeting tension areas within the back and neck.
  • De-stressing.
  • Soothing tired and tender muscles.
  • Nourised, soft skin.
  • Feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

Pricing - Aroma Back Massage

Shorter Treatment

Aroma Back Massage | 45 mins | £45

Longer Treatment

Aroma Back Massage | 60 mins | £60


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  • Lottie - Facebook review

    I had a back massage with Laura and it was absolutely amazing. I’m a
    hairdresser so I suffer with my back and shoulders, I’ve also got 3
    children so I knew my body felt out of line. I felt at ease and comfortable with Laura from the moment I walked in. And I left feeling fabulous. I’ll definitely book another massage soon. Thanks Laura x